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About Us

We make it easy for nonprofits to have a car donation program. Our clients run the gamut in regards to mission, size, scope, and location – from national household names to one-person led local charities. We operate nationally and process vehicle donations in all 50 states.

Vehicle donations are an excellent method of giving for donors. The time, cost, and knowhow can be a barrier for many nonprofits. We’re here to provide you with the hassle-free infrastructure to accept vehicle donations.

Our goal is to make vehicle donation programs accessible to any and all nonprofit organizations that wish to have them. We strive to increase the amount of funding you receive so that you can amplify your efforts to serve your constituents.

About You

You are looking to add more giving avenues for your donors. You’re looking to raise more money, or you’re looking for somebody to take over running your current car donation program.

You care deeply about donor stewardship. You know that it will influence future giving behavior, and affect how your brand is perceived by prospective donors. We work hard to make sure that each donor has the best possible giving experience, and that your brand is always presented in the best light.

You value transparency and expect it from all of your vendors. We show you the specifics of every vehicle transaction, send you detailed vehicle & donor reports, and are always here for you every step of the way.

Just a few of the hundreds of nonprofits that use our vehicle donation programs to raise money and increase their impact.

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